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Struggle Brunching

Struggle Brunching published on No Comments on Struggle Brunching

It seems like as we get closer to releasing this webcomic, my dude gets even more extra. The #STRUGGLEBRUNCH is real!

It Won’t Be Long Now

It Won’t Be Long Now published on No Comments on It Won’t Be Long Now

We’re in the third month of 2017 and IAHB is on the cusp of being a digital reality. Today is the official launch of Fave Comics, the online portal of all three (3) of my webcomics; however, this month is when IAHB will begin posting new strips every week (I’m debating on how frequently this will happen during the week…stay tuned).

It’s been a pleasure breaking out my Wacom tablet and “inking” new strips of this new webcomic. I’m sure the overall design will evolve as I get used to drawing these new characters, but it’s definitely a labor of love.

I’m beyond excited to capture another dimension of black manhood and mentorship (while having fun of course) that’s pretty non-existent in the webcomic / illustration world. Get ready!


Cooking With Bae

Cooking With Bae published on No Comments on Cooking With Bae

Success is the collective of small, progressive directives taken daily. After attempting to stray away from WordPress with an alternate webcomic CMS (which was horrible and rhymes with “crawlix”) — I decided to stick with what I know. I’m thankful the site infrastructure and social media profiles are complete.

Meanwhile, I’m still sketching away. It’s time for some more digital illustrations. We’ll see how this week goes. I’m excited that this webcomic will be the trifecta of Fave Comics. It’s fascinated how the characters are derived from two Detroit natives whom I met on social media (but don’t know each other).  I’m blessed to find yet another dimension of blending artistry with technology.

Get ready to meet IAHB real soon.

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